SPD – Gigsaw EP – HAR135

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SPD – Gigsaw – HAR135a
SPD – Moving – HAR135b
SPD – Traverse – HAR135c

SPD, aka Will Dunbar-Sheppard, hailing from Liverpool UK, showcases his considerable production skills with a trio of beautiful tunes. Gigsaw is a polished, tech house/bass production; Moving, a minimal yet lush dnb tune; and Traverse, a lush future garage/UK bass joint.

Excellent chill music.. I think [Gigsaw] is the best one here. :) – Akrophobia/Low Pass Audio

Moving is a tune for the movers, this tune is guaranteed to get the head nodding. Traverse is a delightfully simple yet immersive track, a tint of sadness with a glimmer of light. Gigsaw is a chilled out relaxing tune perfect to get into that deep zonage. This release boasts impressive versatility with 3 very high quality tracks.
9/10 – GDM

Haunted Audio does it again, this time with HAR 135 SPD- Gigsaw EP… All three tracks are HUGE! Ultra crisp highs, booming lows, wrapped in a futuristic vibe. This is one of my favorite releases from HAR, for sure! 10/10 – DGGZ/Vibes Refresh Session/Sub.fm

Traverse is an excellent piece of work. Almost moby-esque with its samples.  – Adam/Breakonomics

A well-thought out collection of tracks; minimal and delicate, but substantial in presence. Really love the way the vocals are used in the tracks as instrumentals, especially in ‘Traverse’!
8/10 – DJ Winter/NYC

Really like the feel of all three, But Gigsaw is the one for me. Very clean productions
9/10 – Luthor

Love the vocals on Gigsaw! – Christian Hoffman/Toronto Is Broken

Gigsaw is definitely the one for me…deep yet pushing forward. One for the late night dancefloor. 8/10 – Slack Hippy / FM4 (austrian national radio)

Intricate percussion, dark textures, vibes! 9/10 – Poor Ragged Rascal/Black Market Funk

Alien Pimp – Surgeon Love/Garraggio – HAR134

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The incomparable Alien Pimp delivers his twisted take on electronica: Surgeon Love melds techno influences with UK bass music, pausing only for a lush breakdown midsong; while Garraggio’s breaks and garage-tinged beats shimmer and undulate with a myriad of leftfield electronic influences.

Alien Pimp – Surgeon Love – HAR134a
Alien Pimp – Garraggio – HAR133b

Deep sounds, i think i’ll give this some well deserved play :) 8/10 – Christian Hoffman/Toronto Is Broken

The beat is tough and the groove is on, ladies hips pimpified by an alien. 9/10 – Poor Ragged Rascal/Black Market Funk

Nice, busy techno/garage crossover. – ID/Baobinga/BassMusicBlog

Garraggio! ultra kooky, I like!10/10 – Akrophobia/Low Pass Audio

Awesome release. Garraggio is sure to get people moving with its dark, rumbling percussion and atmospheric bassline. 8/10 – Flash Hubbard

Garraggio is an interesting piece of work. Walking the line between gabba, garage and breakbeat…Cool. – Adam/Breakonomics Radio

Garage times :) – Mainger

“Surgeon Love” is an interesting one, takes a couple of listens to get it, but now I’m hooked. Love the atmosphere. – Mike Hindle/Immersed Audio Blog

Garraggio (Original Mix) :) 7/10 – KiGma

Flash Hubbard – Mind/I Will – HAR133

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Fresh work from Australian newcomer Flash Hubbard. Mind speeds along in post dubstep tempo; with frenetic tribal drums layered over rich warm chord progressions. Deep summery dubhouse vibes on I Will juxtaposed with refined rave stabs and deep techno influences further elevating the sound.

Flash Hubbard – Mind – HAR133a
Flash Hubbard – I Will – HAR133

Mind is a beautiful percussive journey with beautiful atmosphere. Loving the future garage. Loungy vibe on I will also. This is a brilliant release. - Adam/Breakonomics

Mind is super deep and dreamy! I bet that’s really hard to mix though I Will is my fav here. I’m a sucker for the funk and those dubby vocal delays! 8/10 – Akrophobia

Both are really nice and light, perfect for summer! Mind is more minimal yet maintains complexity and I Will has a really nice sexy groove; delicate vocals and a floating synth are the perfect accent to the steppy beats. 8/10 – DJ Winter

Amazing bass and percussion work in ‘Mind’ definition of a ‘banger’! I Will is tight… perfect stabs and vocal work. 9/10 – DGGZ/Vibes Refresh Session/Sub.fm

2 very original racks here offering something a bit different. Nice and deep. 9/10 – Mike Hindle/Immersed Audio Blog

Feeling “I Will” has a nostalgic feel to it . . . great little mover. 9/10 – Luthor

Really cool laid back vibes. Nice release!! 8/10 – Atomic Zoo

Nice , tripped out and chilled :) will feature it on my forthcoming radio Show :) – Slack Hippy / FM4 (austrian national radio)

Forward thinking percussive bass bizness, one of the best haunted audio releases to date! 10/10 – Poor Ragged Rascal/Black Market Funk

Mainger – Breathe EP – HAR131

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Influenced by cinema soundtracks and deeper dubstep basslines, Mainger’s Breathe is a summery garage affair, while When branches off into leftfield territory with thoughtful melodies and shifting beats. KiGma’s gorgeous deep dubstep remix of Breathe rounds out Haunted Audio’s 31st release.

Mainger – Breathe – HAR131a
Mainger – When – HAR131b
Mainger – Breathe (KigMa remix) – HAR131c

Will be playing “Breath” on RWD. – Gary Polofka/Elevater Action/Kursed Recording

LOVE the orig mix, such great dynamics! This is the best kind of driving music IMO…I have a 30 minute commute at 5 or 6am more often than not and I gotta tell ya…this kind of stuff sets me at peace when I’m headed in for a 14 hour day! Thank you! 10/10 – Akrophobia

Gorgeous textures, a sublime daytime festival cut for sure. 8/10 – Ill-esha

When is a brilliant piece of work. Positve energy and atmosphere. Will support. Really liking Breathe also. Nice 2 step feel to it… – Adam/Breakonomics Radio

Lovely tunes! Minimal yet full of emotion and delicately structured. Breathe (Kigma Remix) really captures your attention and the progression carries you throughout. The original version is great as well, the upbeat tempo provides a nice contrast to the deeper mix! 8/10 – DJ Winter

Deep and lush! – Christian Hoffman/Toronto Is Broken

Lovely deep dubstep stuff there. Will try and fit something in to my podcast! :) – DFRNT

“Breathe” is a delightfully light tune, while “When” hits a little harder the contrast between atmospheric and more stirring sounds creates a great balance. The Kigma remix of “Breathe” stays true to the original, a truly engrossing track. 9/10 – GDM/Vibes Refresh Session

I’m really feeling Breathe(Original Mix). The track has a perfect spring vibe, fresh keys and super clean percussion get you in the groove right away. – DGGZ/Vibes Refresh Session/Sub.fm

Breathe is sexy. 8/10 – BunZer0/FOB Show

beautiful fresh garage vibes on Breathe – definitely supporting this one! 8/10 – Janner

Great stuff. 9/10 – Gooddroid/Dubporn/Miami Dubstep

feelin the kigma remix especially, nice layers of sound and sub. 8/10. – Poor Ragged Rascal/Black Market Funk

excellent deep EP, will try to include some of this in my next mix. – Vandera

Mainger Promo Mix

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In advance of Mainger’s May 22nd release of the Breate EP, here’s a great mix of much of Mainger’s new music including several unreleased bits.

Simon/Off – Exit Space EP – HAR130

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Simon/Off – Exit Space – HAR130a
Simon/Off – Eight Times Up – HAR130b
Simon/Off – Puppy Dub – HAR130c

Veteran Austrian producer Simon/Off’s Exit Space EP is Haunted Audio’s 30th release. Exit Space’s more euphoric vibe contrasts with Puppy Dub’s darker halfstep; breakbeats give the nod to breaks and jungle influences. Eight Time Up’s funky/broken beat interpretation charts a new course with its high-speed juke influences and glitchy sounds in a concentrated beat/rhythm joint.
Juno Downloads exclusive 3/5/12, Wide release 3/19/12

Digging the minimalistic stylings! [Exit Space (Original Mix)] – Stereo Stormtrooper (SST)

Solid Ep all around, rolling tracks with some lovely sounds. – Mirror State

Top quality unique Simon/Off beats !!! 8/10 – Luthor

Eight Times Up is a very good tune! 8/10 – MetalBox Products

Another wicked one from the Simon/Off as each’n'every!!! When it comes to the most abstract and out-of-this-space-beatz, he’s the man! Defo supporting this!
8/10 – CixxxJ/Bassponmi

Eight Times Up is the one! Whole EP is great, will be playing these. 8/10 – Gary P/Elevater Action/Kursed Recordings

Loving the bounciness of Exit Space! The delicate instrumentals balance out the funky breaks nicely and doesn’t overpower the overall feel of the tune.
8/10 – DJ Winter

Very good release – will definitely be supporting.- Blind Prophet

Really diggin Exit Space and Eight Times up!10/10 – Akrophobia

Really into Puppy Dub ! Nice and sparse. – Distal

Great feel good vibes! – Christian Hoffman/Toronto Is Broken

Eight times up is my pick of the bunch. Nice bounce and groove to it. Add some variation to a set. Nice.- Adam/Breakonomics

Three very original tracks, hard to pick a favourite but think it has to be Eight Times Up. Will be supporting. 8/10 – Mike Hindle/Immersed Audio Blog

Simon/Off always delivers and the Exit Space EP keeps with his high standard of original music production! All of the tracks in the EP are full of unique glitchy stabs under a big bass umbrella. This vibe will be in rotation for sure!
8/10 – DGGZ/Vibes Refresh Session/Sub.fm

Groovy ! – BunZer0

Out now in wide release including Beatport and Itunes.

Exit Space EP, a recommended release on WhatPeoplePlay


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